Bletchingley Sheep Walk

Lovely walk on a clear day. Take the directions in the link below with you as its not always obvious which way to go (an OS map or google maps may also be handy). You’ll walk through fields with sheep in them (hence the name).

Walk Length, Duration and Available Routes
9km or 6km depending on route taken. More info on the route can be found here:
Walk Location
Bletchingley, RH1
One of the pubs in Bletchingley. Best car park at the Bletchingley Arms. It’s a circular walk and the pub is enroute.
Pubs or Coffee Shops?
Bletchingley Arms, Whyte Harte and Lamingtons Tea Rooms all enroute. If in a group, you should book the tea rooms in advance.
Suitability of walk for buggies?
Best to use a sling/ baby carrier
Walk Type
Open countryside with a hill, definitely not buggy friendly.
Fitness Required
Average level of fitness required
Submitted by Nic L

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