Claygate Woods

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I started the walk at the Gordon Road entrance which begins on a track with open fields and farmland either side for about 0.5 km before entering enclosed woods with different length walks and 3 to 4 routes to choose from. On this occasion we did a short lap with the buggy and dogs – the buggy made it around in one piece but it was a bit bumpy in places going over tree roots and the mud got caught under the front wheels so probably not great for a less robust buggy or in more muddy conditions. If you’re looking to do a longer walk you can cross Copsem Lane to do the woods on that side.

Walk Length, Duration and Available Routes
Walk length is flexible – 3 to 4 routes to choose from and can add Esher Woods on easily if you are looking for a longer walk.
Walk Location
Claygate Woods, KT10
Free parking on Gordon Lane or Claremont Lane
Pubs or Coffee Shops?
None en-route but you can come out of the woods to go to The Swan. At the beginning/ end of the walk you are a 5 minute walk to a pub called The Foley or you can walk into Claygate village where there is a fish and ships shop, deli or coffee shop to choose from
Suitability of walk for buggies?
In the summer or cold winter (i.e. when the ground is hard) I think this would be suitable for most buggies although will be easier with an off-road buggy. If the ground is muddy like it was when I went then I would opt for a sling.
Walk Type
Flat wooded path
Fitness Required
Low level of fitness required

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