Riddlesdown Common

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I went for a walk around Riddlesdown Common with a couple of mum friends on a bitingly cold and windy day and the ground was very muddy. Two of us had our babies in slings and one had her pushchair and this proved to be a bit limiting as her buggy didn’t really have sturdy enough wheels to push smoothly through the muddy and uneven paths and the common is quite exposed so it was difficult to escape the wind. It’s definitely doable with a buggy with off-road wheels or on a drier day but if you have a sling then you have the flexibility of walking on the paths or through the grass. I think this would be a good place to come for a walk and picnic on a warmer day.

Walk Length, Duration and Available Routes
Walk length is flexible – park run (5km run) operates here on a Saturday morning at 9am so I often take the pram to watch my husband running and do a lap of the first part of the common from entering which is about 1.5km.
Walk Location
Riddlesdown Common, CR8 (Riddlesdown-map)
Free parking on Tithepit Shaw Lane
Pubs or Coffee Shops?
We didn’t have a stop at a pub or coffee shop on this walk and didn’t walk past any
Suitability of walk for buggies?
In the summer or cold winter (i.e. when the ground is hard) I think this would be suitable for most buggies although will be easier with an off-road buggy. If the ground is muddy then I would opt for a sling or off-road buggy.
Walk Type
Flat grassy walk
Fitness Required
Low level of fitness required

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