Kenley Aerodrome

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When one of the ladies in my walking group suggested walking around Kenley Aerodrome I was sceptical as the idea of walking around a circular tarmac path wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I imagined going for walks with my son and meeting new people. However, I was pleasantly surprised – the space was very green since the airfield is surrounded by Kenley Common and Coulsdon Common and this walk was completely hassle free requiring no navigation (a big plus for me since I have no sense of direction!) and was different to walks I normally do and I enjoyed watching the gliders taking off and landing.

Walk Length, Duration and Available Routes
I did a very leisurely lap (1.8miles) of the airfield with a group of mum’s using buggies and slings and it took us about an hour.
Walk Location
Kenley, Surrey, CR8 (Kenley-common-map)
Free parking on Hayes Lane, Coulsdon, Kenley CR8 (right next to the entrance of the airfield)
Pubs or Coffee Shops?
We didn’t have a stop at a pub or coffee shop on this walk and didn’t walk past any
Suitability of walk for buggies?
Excellent buggy terrain
Walk type
Flat circular walk and smooth tarmac under foot
Fitness Required
Low level of fitness required

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